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Many people go on holidays far away from their own homes to relax and enjoy the beauty of greenery. At J.Lopez Landscaping & Hardscape we believe that you don't have to leave town to find beauty and peace.
Create paradise in your own backyard, we can design the perfect garden for you:
• In your yard
• On your deck or patio
Right outside your office window

Quality gardening services
A beautifully landscaped property not only brings value to your home or business, but it can bring about a sense of relaxation and comfort. Greenery, beautiful flowers, the sound of a waterfall or watching the sun set on your own paradise getaway can bring you peace of mind.
The perfect landscaping for you Low maintenance shrubbery, a child and pet friendly yard or a garden that you can work in to your heart's content; any of these options are possible. When you call J.Lopez Landscaping & Hardscape for your free consultation we will design for you the perfect garden or landscaped setting to fit your lifestyle.

The beauty of greenery for your home or business is only a phone call away.